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Nepal’s Largest Solar Power Project Nears Completion In Jhapa

The largest solar power plant in Nepal more frequently known as the solar power project in Jhapa is in its final phase of work. The project has a capacity of generating 10-megawatt electricity. The project also called “Jhapa Energy” is scheduled to be completed in the next two months of the current fiscal year 2079/80.

The eco-friendly project is ongoing in Shivasatakshi Municipality-5, Salmara at the cost of Rs 80 crore at a land spanning 21 bigaha. The project operator Subash Bhattarai said the project should be completed by Ashar, 2080.

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Who is investing in the largest solar power plant in Nepal?

Machhapuchchhre Bank and Civil Bank are jointly investing 75 percent into the Jhapa Energy project. The remaining 25 percent of funds have been gathered through shares.

 “We are accelerating the construction work with the goal of completing it by next Ashar”, Mr. Bhattarai said, “The necessary materials are arriving at the construction site.”

Nepal Electricity Authority (NTA) has signed a deal to buy the generated electricity. The production will start soon after the construction is completed.

Jhapa Energy Limited has already set up 960 meters of the transmission line to connect the energy it will produce to the national transmission line. Bhattarai said that high-tech solar panels and equipment will be installed in the project. The plan will have 10 container solar panels installed in the first phase. The project will have 22,600 advanced solar panels installed across 22 bigha of land.

Jhapa Energy and NEA signed an agreement on Mangsir on 12, 2078. It has been agreed upon that  NEA will buy solar power at Rs 7.30 per unit.

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Jhapa Energy power project to produce 1.76-unit electricity

The historically large solar power project will produce over 1.76 crore units of power annually which the company expects will bring Rs 12.85 crore in revenues. It is the initial financial projection.

The project started under the vision of Lal Prasad Sanwa, the then member of the House of Representatives (HoR) of Jhapa Constituency No. 4.

At the moment, 29-megawatt solar power is being generated. By 2030, the company aims to increase its production to 1,000 megawatts.

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