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NMB Bank starts ePayment hub in Putalisadak Branch

Nepal’s prominent commercial bank NMB Bank has launched an ePayment hub in its Putalisadak Branch. The innovative feature provides a myriad of digital banking services to the customers of the bank from the same spot.

With the ePayment Hub, NMB Bank customers can avail of visa charges payment, student enrollment application fees, PTE, SAT, Flywire, SWIFT, GRE payment, etc.

NMB ePayment hub provides various payment facilities ensuring efficient and secure methods of electronic payments. The bank has expressed its commitment to continue working on providing a more innovative digital banking experience to its customers.

The bank said, “This state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to providing a wide spectrum of online payment solutions by leveraging authorized electronic payment instruments, catering to diverse requirements, such as Visa Fee Payments, Student Enrollment Application Fees, PTE, SAT, Flywire-Swift, USMLE, Education Fee Payment, Swift, GRE, ACCA, and numerous other online services.”

Accolades that highlight the bank’s excellence

To its credit, the bank has been credited with numerous international awards that reflect its unwavering commitment to providing excellent banking services. Also read: NMB Bank starts Buddha Visa Debit Card service

NMB Bank has also started Digi Station service providing its customers with an elevated banking experience. The bank has been continuously innovative in introducing newer digital banking services.

NMB Bank received the prestigious Bank of the Year Asia 2021 award 2021 from The Banker Magazine. Likewise, the Class A bank received the Bank of the Year recognition in 2017 and 2018.

NMB Bank is serving via its 201 branches, 149 ATMs, and 12 extension counters.

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