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NMB Bank Starts Digi Station Operation to Provide Automatic Banking Services

Leading commercial bank NMB Bank has started a Digi Station to provide efficient and easier digital banking services to its customers. The station will provide automatic banking services which will elevate customer experience with the bank.

NMB Bank brought the Digi Station with the objective of providing convenient banking service and experience to its customers. This station provides cash deposit, clearing of cheque deposits, cheque stop, cheque recognition, balance query, cash withdrawal, statement generation, etc. automatically.

The bank hopes that its Digi Station feature will improve its customer service. It has also expressed a commitment to continuously innovate and launch newer and modern services as per the evolving needs of the customers.

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NMB Bank starts Digi Station at the Babarmahal Branch

In its first phase, NMB Bank has installed 4 Digi Station machines at its Babarmahal branch in Kathmandu. The bank says that customers can transfer up to Rs 1 lakh through the cash deposit machine without any human help or reaching the counter. The machine also issues an invoice for a cash deposit.

Additionally, customers can deposit cheque clearing, apply for a new cheque, and avail of the cheque stop services through the cheque deposit machine. It is also possible to query account balance and receive other information.

Cash deposit machines have become one of the trendiest features introduced by various banks in Nepal lately with every bank competing to provide the most innovative digital banking services. Check out: Nabil Bank Begins nBank Web Service

Likewise, the facility of an ATM machine adds more convenience to the bank’s customers.

NMB Bank is a leading commercial bank with an “A” class license. The bank has 201 branches, 145 ATM outlets, and 12 extension counters.

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