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NMB Bank Launches Video KYC | Fill up Your KYC Form Online

NMB Bank has introduced Video KYC (VKYC) feature that uses an advanced AI system to match the face to verify the customers. With this feature, the bank’s customers will be able to authenticate themselves on the go and also open bank accounts from abroad.

The Video KYC (VKYC) service will be especially ideal for Nepalese abroad who will now be able to open an account online.  

To verify your bank account through NMB Bank’s Video KYC, visit this link and follow the instructions.

Reinforcing digital banking, NMB Bank, Nepal’s top commercial bank has launched the Video KYC feature. The service will spare its customers a walk to the bank to fill up their Know Your Contribution (KYC) form. They can authenticate their identity online without being present at the bank.  

With Video KYC, customers will acquire many banking services beyond mobile and internet banking without ever visiting the bank. The bank said on its notice released on Sunday (November 14).

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NMB Bank’s VKYC is part of its initiation to enhance its digital banking features. The bank expects its new online service to transform its manual services more transparent, and error-free. NMB Bank wants to go paperless by integrating more online services.

Video KYC Another Highlight of Digital Banking In Nepal

Banks in Nepal are driving digital banking to new heights. By introducing advanced features, they are transforming banking services by offering more digital services to their customers. Recently, Nabil Bank set up Nabil Cash Machine service. The system allows the bank’s customers to perform both cash deposits and withdrawals.

Similarly, both Laxmi Bank and NIC Asia Bank have been providing card-less withdrawal services allowing their customers to withdraw cash from ATMs through mobile banking. By clicking options on the bank’s mobile banking app, they can get the ATM to dispense the cash.

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Banks are also uplifting digital payments in Nepal by promoting QR-based payments. Sunrise Bank has set up a QR-based payment system at the Chabahil fruits and vegetable market.  Prabhu Bank has collaborated with FonePay to facilitate QR-based payment at Bhatbhateni. These are only a few instances of the growing digital banking in Nepal.

Banks and financial institutions (B/FIs) are one of the lucrative sectors in Nepal and their incorporation of digital banking must be praised. An advanced banking system brings convenience to the customers. They can also expect the banking activities to be smoother, error-free, and more comfortable online.

What is your opinion on NMB Bank’s trend-setting Video KYC feature? You can share with others in the comments below.

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