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ConnectIPS brings a referral offer, both the referrer and referee get Rs 25 cashback

Connect IPS has launched Refer a Friend offer. With this offer, users who refer their friends or families for registration for Connect IPS will get Rs 25 in their bank account while the Referee of the referral will also receive the same Rs 25 amount as a mobile phone top-up.

To use the offer, the referrer must provide a referral code. The offer is effective from Jestha 1 to Ashar 31.  

After the Referee registers a new user with the referral code and verifies with the number and email ID, the referrer gets Rs 25 in the bank account while the referee gets Rs 25 in the mobile number as a top-up.

The referrer can share their referral code with a link for signing up to the referees who in turn can visit or use the mobile app to create a new user.

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How to Share The Referral Code? | ConnectIPS Referral Offer

To share the referral code with ConnectIPS and benefit from the referral offer, do the following:

  • Login to connectIPS via its mobile app or visit
  • Tap on the “Refer a Friend” tab in the dashboard.
  • Tap on Generate a referral code. Now, you get your referral code. You can copy it and share via any messaging app or sharing platform.

ConnectIPS is a payment gateway that allows up to 20 lakh transactions through the web, and Rs 2 lakh through its mobile app. Besides, it has mobile top-up, utility bills payment, government taxes, NepalPay QR, and other services.

For more on the ConnectIPS referral offer, do ask your query in our comments below.

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