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Algae Bioreactor to Minimize Water and Air Pollution

Chyau Bio Technologies has developed an algae bioreactor technology that helps to minimize water and air pollution. The company has set up its innovative machine on the road in Pulchowk, Lalitpur.

The company has worked mostly at controlling waste by using microalgae. Its technologies convert algae into oxygen and biomass.

The company’s CEO Gunjan Ghimire says its recently developed bioreactor technology helps minimize air and water pollution. The technology was completed just a couple of months ago and launched recently at a program titled ‘Solution to Pollution’.

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How does the algae bioreactor technology work?

The bioreactor has 4 different components – a controller, a light system, and a LED screen for display. The screen shows how much oxygen is being produced.

In an algae bioreactor machine, algae are stored. The machine draws carbon dioxide from the pollution outside. Then, utilizing the sun’s energy, the water in the machine is converted to oxygen. The oxygen is stored in a container.

The algae process the chemicals and keep the remain safe. In essence, the machine converts carbon dioxide and polluted water into oxygen.

 “Currently, our machine at Pulchowk gathers carbon dioxide from vehicles and filters it. Our purpose is to minimize pollution that results from burning it Lalitpur and Kathmandu, and other big cities,” Ghimire said.

He adds that the algae bioreactor technology can be an ample option to help control pollution in places such as bricks factory, cement factories, and such. The company procures some necessary hardware from abroad.

The machine set at work on the road in Pulchowk can process 1700 carbon dioxide per month and generate 1,500-liter oxygen.

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The company has a team of diligent workers out of which 4 are pursuing engineering.

Helpful for waste-infested areas

Tourist destinations such as mountains become infested with pollution. If our machine can be put to work in those areas, the environment will be cleaner as well as carbon dioxide will also be deposited. This also helps solve the issue of carrying oxygen cylinders as the machine itself can generate oxygen.

Ghimire also likens the technology to a tree. A tree takes carbon dioxide and gives oxygen. The machine works in similar terms and produces oxygen. The difference is the machine stores oxygen in a cylinder that can be used later.

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In terms of commercialization, he says that the company can address the demands but it lacks a policy. He demands a clear policy regarding the sale of oxygen cylinders.

Ghimire also wants various institutions to help in introducing the technology in foreign markets.

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