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Twin Brothers Unveil QR-Based Tea Vending Machine TeaScan

Two twin brothers Love Kush have invented their tea vending machine TeaScan. The brothers have claimed it to be the first of its type in Nepal and also in the world.

The 12 passed out 18 years-old twin brothers Lov Panthi and Kush Panthi said their tea vending machine allows online payment through QR scan. The brothers said the software took 6 months of work to build to completion. They had been working on the machine for a year.

The brothers claim their tea vending machine is not just the first in Nepal but also in the world to be based on QR payment. Besides tea, the machine can also provide coffee, milk, and other liquid items.

Pay through eSewa or mobile banking apps

The machine accepts payment through a QR scan. For this, a physical QR scanner is placed on top of the machine for ease of payment. Users of eSewa or mobile banking apps can scan the code and get a cup of tea instantly. The elite mobile wallet eSewa is also collaborating with the brother duo on this project.

“After the payment is successful, the tea will pour through into the cup. Once the cup fills to the brim, the pouring stops itself,” Love Panthi says. “The machine is able to maintain the same temperature of the tea for up to 7 hours,” he adds.

tea vending machine TeaScan
TeaScan by Lov-Kush

The machine along with the software took the prodigious brothers 26 thousand.

The twin brothers are registering the company. Soon, they have shared that they will reveal the cost and other details of the machine. Once in the market, the machine could be used at tea shops, public places, or offices.

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Love-Kush, the inventors of Nepal’s first QR-based Tea vending machine TeaScan

The 18 years old twin brothers are originally from Gulmi, Malika Rural Municipality- 7 currently living in Butwal. Of the two, Lov Panthi is currently studying Sound Engineering at Oscan International College. Kush though is pursuing his higher study abroad.

Previously, they built a Nepali words-speaking Mars Robot, and Nurse Robot “Go Corona Robot”, that could be used in an isolation ward.

Tea Vending Machine TeaScan by Lov-Kush
Luv-Kush with their tea vending machine TeaScan

The Go Corona Robot was handed to the Ministry of Social Development of the province.

Despite their best aspirations under a modest economy, the brothers have complained about the lack of support and encouragement from the government. They want to contribute to agro, education, and health services.

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“Coming from moderate-income families, the brothers say, we want to help the country with new and innovative robots, but our economy is an impediment. So, we want encouragement from the government,” Kush Panthi said.

Meanwhile, they share that the investors will be required to launch their product commercially. But the brothers say they can also curate the machine for individuals coming in contact. They have built two such machines for demonstrations.

They estimate the final cost of their machine to be around NPR 30,000.

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