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FonePay Receives the Excellence in Fintech Innovation Award

FonePay receives the Excellence in Fintech Innovation Award for its contribution to the Digital Nepal goal.

Payment System Operator FonePay has been recognized with the Excellence in Fintech Innovation 2022 Award by Visa. The digital payment leader received recognition at the Leadership Conclave – Payments Innovation for Digital Nepal event.

Besides FonePay, many other companies and banks received accolades under various titles for their contribution to the Digital Nepal initiative.

FonePay is Nepal’s leading digital payment network which allows smartphone users to pay for goods and services online via a QR Code. FonePay is available through digital wallets and mobile banking apps.

Users can Scan & Pay online at departmental stores, restaurants, schools, or anywhere where the QR Code is available.

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Member banks and financial institutions, and digital wallets have been providing FonePay payment service through their mobile application.

Likewise, FonePay allows interbank fund transfers, hub payments, etc. It has a network of over 60 banks and financial institutions and over 7 lakh merchants acquiring its services.

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In total, FonePay is helping over 1 crore, 40 people perform their transactions via smartphones.

How often do you use FonePay for mobile transactions? Are you satisfied with the service or expect some changes? Do share in the comments below.

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