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WorldLink and PUBG collaborate, to build network infrastructure

Leading private internet service provider WorldLink Communications and PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) have reached an iconic collaboration deal that will result in the preparation of eSports infrastructures in Nepal. The agreement seeks to promote the growing gaming fascination in the country. Also, it will help manage the operation of the eSports.   

With this landmark agreement, Worldlink will establish its network infrastructure to address the needs of the gaming sector in Nepal. It will work to ensure download and upload speed, low latency, etc. which will enhance the PUBG gaming experience for Nepali gamers.

The partnership is not abrupt and strange either. If you were unaware, WorldLink started testing PUBG servers in Nepal in 2021. This collaboration agreement follows the two’s close working relationship.

Announcing the collaboration on Facebook, WorldLink said, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with PUBG Mobile! Being the Largest Internet Service Provider in Nepal, we are proud to partner with the world-renowned battle royale game PUBG Mobile to bring our customers the best online gaming experience. More to come in the coming days.”

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Likewise, WorldLink CEO Keshav Nepal said that Nepal’s gaming community is growing. It’s a significant community and PUBG is distinct:
“We have signed a collaboration with PUBG which will improve the gaming experience of the company’s gaming. Both entities will share responsibility and contribute their part to elevate gamers’ experience in Nepal. Let’s hope that the cooperation will improve a lot of things in this community,” he added.

WorldLink CEO Keshav Nepal on collaboration with PUBG in Nepal
WorldLink CEO Keshav Nepal

Before that, he shared that the two are studying the issues which might need improvement to offer better gaming for the game fanatics in Nepal.

Likewise, Assistant Producer of Tencent South Asia, Paarth Sharma also shared similar enthusiasm. He said that the cooperation will help fill the existing gaps which will enhance the gaming experience for Nepali PUBG players. Regarding the legitimacy of the game and the partnership, he said that the company is complying with all the legal and regulatory norms to publish its game for Nepali audiences.

“It’s not just the game’s popularity, but the talent competing in our global esports events with the likes of DRS at PMGC, DeadEyes Guys, Skylights Gaming, and T2K frequently displaying their mettle, the passion for PUBG MOBILE is clearly visible here.

Assistant Producer of Tencent South Asia, Paarth Sharma on WorldLink and PUBG partnership in Nepal
Paarth Sharma Assistant Producer of Tencent South Asia on WorldLink collaboration
Paarth Sharma Assistant Producer of Tencent South Asia

Not endorsing excessive gaming

PUBG has received notoriety for “leading the children into gaming addiction”. This has led to the game facing bans on multiple occasions across the world. In 2019, NTA banned PUBG in Nepal and asked telcos and ISPS to disable access to the game. Addressing such negativities towards the game, Mr. Sharma said that the company seeks to ensure that players won’t the game in excess.

He continued that there is a stigma associated with gaming all around the world but the sports tournaments and the esports segment have even unlocked a source of livelihood. Gaming brands have even created employment opportunities. He also mentioned that even the Olympics games have recognized games as an Olympics sport while defending the game’s allure among the youth.

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A new era of mobile gaming!

The collaboration between WorldLink and PUBG will also be the precursor for a series of PUBG tournaments for Nepali gamers. The partnership is even thought to herald a new era of mobile gaming in Nepal. Mr. Sharma shared that there will be a “packed esports tournament calendar”. In the next two weeks, PUBG Mobile Nepal Series 2023 will be announced. It will be free to participate in. Additionally, 6 more tournaments including PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia, World Invitational, Global Championship, Regional Champions, etc. will also follow.

The Nepali esports community is vastly growing with DRS Gaming, Trained To Kill plying their trade in multiple PUBG esports competitions. Once derided for being the cause of frivolous pastime, PUBG and esports altogether have become a new source of economy, and lifestyle among the youth. Nepal has likewise, seen a rapid boom in the industry which WorldLink and PUBG seem to cash in on.

Currently, there are more than 5 million active PUBG gamers in Nepal. WorldLink believes that this partnership will play an important role in developing the gaming sector in the country.

How much of a gamer are you? Does the WorldLink and PUBG collaboration sign excite you? Do leave your opinion in the comments below.

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