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Use Prabhu Bank mobile banking app without data, WiFi

Now, it is possible to use the mobile banking app of Prabhu Bank (Digi Prabhu) without data and a WiFi connection, or more correctly, the app will continue to run when data is consumed or the balance runs out. The bank has announced that its app service is functional even without active internet connectivity.

The convenient facility is brought to give customers access to its banking services where mobile network/internet service is not available.

The bank has signed a partnership with Nepal Telecom (NTC) and Ncell to allow uninterrupted app usage on their respective networks even when there is no data/data pack, or a connection is not available.   

“No data, no problem! It has been arranged that mobile data will not be spent and data tariff won’t be charged while using Prabhu Mobile Banking service,” the bank wrote on Facebook.”

prabhu bank no data wifi call

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Facility for both Ntc and Ncell users

According to the bank, customers with Nepal Telecom or Ncell SIM cards can use Prabhu Mobile Banking without incurring mobile data charges and without incurring data charges.

In recent months, it has been a growing trend to allow internet-free mobile banking services. Nepal Bank and Civil Bank have also collaborated with Ntc and Ncell to bring their mobile banking app without data. Such a service helps to promote financial inclusion and digital literacy as well as improve the number of “banked” citizens.

Mobile banking apps are the default way to everyday banking access for many. Having the ability to use the service without the internet is both convenient and highly customer-centric.

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