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Use Connect IPS to Pay Taxes in Kathmandu Metropolitan

Now you can use Connect IPS to pay taxes within the Kathmandu Metropolitan.

The taxpayers in the Kathmandu valley will now be able to pay for wealth tax, land tax, rent, and other taxes online.

To establish the digital payment service, Nabil Bank has integrated Kathmandu Metropolitan’s tax payment portal into IPS Connect. The facility will be useful for the residents within the valley to pay taxes for various services at their convenience over the internet.

The service brings relief to those (Nabil Bank account holders) who wish to avoid physical contact and pay cashlessly. The COVID-19 has upped the ante for electronic payment in Nepal and every B/FIs and consumer wants to be a part of it.

Now, the public won’t have to stay in long queues risking their safety concerns from the possible COVID-19 infection.

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To start using IPS Connect to pay taxes, they will need to visit the nearest ward office and submit their mobile number and email for verification. Then they must collect their username and password at this link. Following this, they can perform the online transaction for land, rent, trade, and other taxes via IPS Connect with their Nabil bank account.

Digital Payment Rising

The trend of digital payment is spiraling in Nepal and each bank and Financial Institution is making an impact with their own offers. The race to be better digital services has massively benefited consumers.

Recently, a QR code-based payment service at Chabahil vegetable and fruit market. Sunrise Bank began the service to allow consumers to pay cashless at the famous market site. The bank has also set up free WiFi to encourage everyone to jump towards online payment.

Meanwhile, NIC Asia launched a digital remit service in collaboration with iPay to help Nepalese abroad transfer money through the mobile app. With the service, iPay users living in Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea, America, Britain, and Mid-East countries will be able to wire money back to their friends and family in Nepal.

The digital payment system is well and truly on the rise with each month reaching a new milestone. Recently, FonePay, a QR-based payment processor even set a record of transactions of one billion on a single day. A testament to the evolution of digital payment in Nepal.

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The ability to pay utility bills, shopping, or restaurants, etc has made online payment a mainstream mode in Nepal, especially the youths. The way it is proliferating, cashless payment will be the most preferred mode for the majority of smartphone users.

Which digital payment is your favorite? Do let us know why it sets us apart from others.

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