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Send money using iPay | Digital Remittance Made Easier

Nepalese living abroad can send money using iPay. Thanks to the partnership between Transcash International (iPay) and NIC Asia, Nepalese in select foreign countries can now use iPay to send money. Read below for detail.

If you are living abroad and need to send money to your family or friends in Nepal within a few clicks, then there is good news for you. Ipay can now be used to wire funds to Nepal. Using iPay platforms such as app, portals, or agents, users can transfer money to their friends and families in the country. This will bring more convenience for thousands of Nepalese looking for an instant option of money transfer through their mobile phone. The service has become possible with the collaboration between Ipay and NIC Asia.

IPay and NIC Asia Bank have begun their partnership for the digital remittance service. NIC Asia bank CEO Roshan Kumar Nyupane and Ipay’s Regional Director Aakriti Lamichane inked the agreement.

Send Money Using Ipay From These Countries

The service is available to a host of countries that are common destinations for Nepalese. These countries include Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Kora, America, Britain, and Mid-East countries.

Nepalese in those countries can take to iPay app, portal, or agents to send money to NIC Asia bank account or any other in Nepal.

To send the money, users need to launch their mobile banking app (NIC ASIA MoBank) and click on ‘Send Remit’.  The transferred money can be withdrawn from any branch of NIC Asia or 12 thousand remittance agents across the country.

Similarly, under the ‘Receive Remit’ service, customers can withdraw the transferred amount into the bank’s app without visiting any branch or agent.

NIC Asia Bank’s customers will avail of the service from 356 branches around the country. Further, they can also withdraw money from 473 ATMs, and 70 counters, and 81 branchless banking. NIC Asia currently serves over 27 lakhs and 36 thousand customers around the country.

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Digital Remittance Simplified

Digital remittance has simplified money transfers for thousands of Nepalese living abroad. Ipay, as an online payment gateway comes in handy to many such Nepalese working abroad to send money home. Besides, easy money transfer also reinforces the remittance-based economy of Nepal as foreign currencies can enter Nepal at a much faster pace. More precisely, within a matter of a few clicks.

On a side note, digital payment or transaction is proliferating in Nepal. Digital wallets and digital payment processors such as FonePay have inspired online payment culture among the Nepalese. From utility bills to movie tickets to restaurants or shopping, mobile apps have become the mainstream.

The COVID-19 forced measures have also encouraged contactless payment. The threat of Coronavirus infection and the need to avoid physical contact has made mobile payment app the mainstream in Nepal.

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Khalti, eSewa, Ipay, IME Pay, IPS Connect, FonePay have all dominated online payment in Nepal following the start of COVID-19 lockdowns. Long gone the days, we had to carry the cash before we ventured out for shopping or taking a service. With a mobile app, all our payment or transaction is done within clicks.  

Which payment app do you often use? How satisfying is it to pay online without worrying about the cash? Do let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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