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FonePay Hits Rs.1 Billion Transactions In A Single Day

Fonepay hits Rs.1 billion transactions in a single day making it a major record in the company’s history. The milestone reflects the growing use of digital payment platforms in Nepal, especially after COVID-19 lockdowns.

Peaking One Arab worth of transaction on a single day was a momentous mark for the service provider. The company expressed its gratitude to its banks, financial institutions, and digital wallets for their coordination. The digital payment processor was enthused that the stats highlighted its contribution to the Digital Nepal framework of the Nepal Government.

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Fonepay is a QR Code based digital payment provider whose service is commonly found among B/FIs and digital wallets like eSewa. The company is a part of the F1 Soft group which came into operation in 2004.

The prominent digital payment provider has 60 Nepali B/FIs, over 13 million mobile banking subscribers, and over 4.5 million customers via digital payment providers on mobile applications.

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