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Pay With QR Code At Chabahil Vegetable And Fruit Market

Now you can pay with QR Code at Chabahil’s popular vegetable and fruit market. Sunrise Bank has initiated a scan & pay facility to facilitate digital payment for both vendors and consumers in the busy market.

The QR Code payment is becoming the norm everywhere and it has now reached the Chabahil market too. Payment Systems Department Executive Director of Nepal Rastra Bank, Bhuwan Kandel inaugurated the service which will now bring convenience to thousands of people daily with electronic payment service.

With the facility of QR Code payment, carrying physical cash would not be necessary. Smartphone users will be able to pay online with a scan on the card provided by the bank to the vendors.

Sunrise Bank says the customers at the Bhabahil market can perform the payment using the bank’s mobile banking app or the mobile wallet. To ensure, digital payment is not stalled due to the lack of broadband, the bank has also set up free WiFi for the vicinity.

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QR Code Payment Is The Mainstream Today

Digital payments are on the rise with each month passing, a new height of transaction record is reached. To cash in on the growing need for contactless payment, banks, and financial institutions are also integrating QR-based payment processors to ease off their customers.

It is common to see, restaurants, local fruit vendors, or posh departmental stores offering QR-based payment. It’s easy to pay over the internet. The need to carry cash is avoided. The convenience wins every time.

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Digital wallets like eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, payment processors such as FonePay have dominated Nepali digital payment scenarios and the way they are finding acceptance, their use will reach newer heights in the coming months. Digital transactions have become a trendy culture at present in Nepal.

Sunrise bank’s initiation will help both the fruits and vegetable vendors and the customers both for cashless payment in the coming days.

The bank says it is promoting digital payment with its QR Code at Chabahil and will continue to expand the service to more areas in the coming days.

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Next time you set out to the area, you won’t have to bother with the cash. Just draw your mobile phone and, scan & pay with QR Code at Chabahil vegetable and fruit market with ease.

How often do you frequent the Chabahil market to buy vegetables and fruits? if you do then you must take a relief that QR-based payment has arrived in the busy market area. Do share your excitement with us in the comments.

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