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TikTok begins the registration process in Nepal

TikTok has officially reached out to the Nepal government with a desire to be registered in Nepal. The social media giant sent an email to the Ministry of Communication, Information, and Technology (MoCIT) expressing its intent to get into the registry.

The move comes in its quest to revive the app’s operation in Nepal. It follows the Nepal Government’s ban on TikTok on November 13 for its impact on family harmony and social cohesion.

In its letter, TikTok praised the government’s move to regulate social media and hinted at its desire to go official in Nepal.

MoCIT spokesman Netra Prasad Subedi said that the Chinese company pointed to a few points in its letter which indicates its desire for registration in Nepal.

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Government can’t respond to TikTok registration in Nepal

But it’s said that the government is currently not in a position to send its official response to TikTok because of the ongoing judicial proceedings. Following the ban, the petitions are being heard at the Supreme Court, and until any verdict comes through, MoCIT won’t reply to TikTok. Ao far, about a dozen petitions have been filed at the SC against the TikTok ban, however, the court has not been able to give an interim order. So, unless there is a decision from the SC, the government won’t give an official reply to TikTok’s letter.

TikTok, Google, and other social media companies have paid their taxes to the government but while Google and LinkedIn are registered in Nepal, the Chinese app (Bytedance- its parent company) is yet to be registered in Nepal. But again, there is a possibility that it may never have to go through that process as its lifeline hinges on the apex court of Nepal.

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