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Amidst the Axiata-Spectrlite deal controversy, Ncell commits uninterrupted services

Ncell says its services won’t be affected by the changes in the owners of the shares. Releasing a notice on Tuesday, December 05, the private telco said that the current line of services and benefits will continue to be offered to its customers despite the ongoing ruckus of its sale.

The statement seeks to ensure the customers in the wake of the Axiata-Spectrlite UK deal. The Malaysian telco conglomerate Axiata Group Berhad has announced that it reached a deal with Spectrlite UK to sell its 80% of shares in Ncell for $50 million. Since the news broke on December 01, questions have been raised about the company’s future, as well as the integrity of the deal itself. But Ncell has tried to convince that its telecom services will continue without interruption.

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Ncell has said, (As with our theme we for you (Hami Tapaikai Lagi), like for the past 18 years, we are committed to providing quality telecommunication services with the same joy and dedication.” It also added that the company will remain committed to Nepal and Nepal’s development and prosperity.

Ncell commits continue services with Axiata sale of stake to Spectrlite UK
Ncell issues a statement promising uninterrupted services despite a possible change in ownership following the Axiota-Spectrlite UK deal

Axiata has announced a Sale and Purchase Deal (SPA) with Spectrlite UK for a fixed consideration of $50 million. The Malaysian group acquired ownership of Ncell in 2016 after buying Reynolds Holdings for $1.36 billion which meant an exit for TelioSonera, the then-owner of Ncell. The current Axiata-Spectrlite UK deal is mired in controversy with the regulator and the government weighing in on the agreement raising suspicion on the integrity particularly surrounding the cost and Ncell’s license expiration in 2029.

Many are speculating on Ncell’s rebranding, and the services after its takeover by a new company but the company has expressed commitment to provide its services unaffected.

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