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Solar power to electrify remaining areas in Gandaki province

All the remaining areas without electricity will get their power from solar panels in Gandaki province. A total of 1200 households across seven local levels inside the province have been provided with energy from solar panels in Mustang, Myagdi, Manang, and Gorkha.

As per the Ministry of Water, Energy, and Irrigation (MoEWRI) of Gandaki province, 391 households in Dhorpatan Municipality-06 of Baglung district are about to get solar power energy, reports RSS. The provincial government is leading this initiative to light up areas that have no access to electricity.

The Ministry’s engineer Jiban Shrestha said that the Gandaki province has provided a 75% grant for the electrification project. However, the alternative energy source use is not just limited to the residents. Ministries and concerned offices are also getting their power from solar panels. As per Shrestha, solar power from 30 in the Energy Ministry, 29 in the Infrastructure Development and Transport Management Ministry, 41 in Chief Ministers and the Council of Ministers totaling 192 megawatts has been installed so far.

“Solar energy has been installed in places where the national transmission line has not reached and where there is no small hydropower project”, Engineer Shrestha said, “The government is preparing to announce bright Gandaki province within this year by providing electricity to all the households in the province.”

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2884 households to get electricity

According to the statistics from the Ministry, electricity has reached 99.50 percent of households in the province through the national transmission line and renewable energy. The remaining 0.5 percent of the families are being supplied with electricity. Engineer Shrestha said that according to the latest economic survey, only 2,884 homes were not provided with electricity.

In addition to the government, other organizations have also played their part in contributing to solar power projects. Solar power and small hydroelectricity projects have contributed to power a total of 3.82% of households inside the province.

A few areas in Baglung, Tanahu, and Nawalpur are yet to get electricity. Within the Gandaki province, 5 lakh, 74 thousand, 98 households now have access to electricity which the National Transmission Line has contributed with 95.58% while the remaining households have got their power from small hydro-power projects and renewal energy projects.

The National Transmission Line has so far reached 98% of households in Nepal. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is also prepared to issue its IPO soon.

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