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Pathao marks 5th anniversary, best riders awarded

Nepal’s prominent ride-sharing platform Pathao has marked its 5th anniversary. Marking the milestone occasion, the company has decided to slash the commission it charges from its riders.

At the moment, the platform charges 20% commission from motorbike riders and 15% from taxi drivers (captains).  As per Asimmansingh  Basnyat, riders and captains will soon have their commissions lessened in the next three weeks. As per this scheme, the riders with the highest number of rides will have their commission charges reduced to as low as 1%.

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Pathao 5th anniversary with Benefit Program

On the occasion, Pathao launched the Pathao Benefit Program for its riders, captains, and Pathao Heroes (Food delivery personnel).  The company has also awarded its best riders at an event.

 Basnyat has recognized 131 best riders and “heroes” for their contribution since the company’s inception. They were awarded on the basis of their ride demand, platinum, gold, silver, and bronze categories.

He added that the Pathao service has been expanded to city-to-city transport to bring a more convenient ride. At the same time, soon,  the service will extend to up to 6 new cities. Also read: Pathao to start courier service, will “deliver for eCommerce”

Pathao first launched in September 2018 in Kathmandu and quickly became a leading ride-sharing and ride-hailing service provider in Nepal. Users can use the Pathao mobile app to benefit from its services.

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