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FifiiA online betting scam: Bettors’ stress as police scrutiny grows

The police have arrested one scammer on allegations of swindling Rs 11 lakh of users. The arrested would take money from bettors/users to engage them in online betting. But after the police scrutiny grew in recent days, many users have tried to withdraw their money but much to their frustration, their investment has been held.  

Soon, after the news of the first arrest broke, many bettors tried to withdraw their money from the online platform. But while many succeeded, other legions have come to realize that their money has been held up by the platform.

Many agents and users had been contacting each other through WhatsApp groups. As per them, the platform has shut down and they are locked out of their money. One of the users Sujjal wrote, that withdrawal is not allowed, what is the problem with the platform? In response, a user who goes by Nazir says that if everyone is allowed to withdraw, the FiFiiA system will crash.

These are just the representative figures. Many have expressed their frustration after their money is freezing.

Up to Rs lakh on hold

Many users in the groups shared the amount they put on FiFiia. Some have apparently placed Rs 8 thousand, 10 thousand, and 12 thousand and some have also revealed to have put up to Rs 6 lakh on the betting platform.

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Police scrutiny on FiFiiA grows

On the other hand, police have increased their investigation to undo FiFiia betting. Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office has been actively seeking anyone involved in the networking-like online scam.

Superintendent of Police and the spokesman Rabindra Regmi shared, “The instances of people putting their money in FiFiia have dramatically increased in recent days, “We are currently investigating the matter and will take action against anyone who is involved in it.”

Many have resorted to police to retrieve their money from the embattled betting platform.  

Online betting and scams have grown in leaps and bounds. Despite people being familiar with online fraud, many fall into this being lured by unique schemes. In the end, unsuspecting users end up losing their money to unknown scammers. It is a must that everyone stays unaffected by these tempting “moneymaking” scams and saves their cash.

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