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Gogoro and Nebula Energy launch EV battery swapping in Nepal

In a historical step, Gogoro Inc. and Nebula Energy have launched an EV battery-swapping ecosystem in Nepal along with the Gogoro CrossOver smart scooter. The service is available in Kathmandu for now exclusively for B2B customers. Later, Gogoro Battery Swapping will expand to other customers later in 2024.

The announcement was made in Kathmandu at a media event where the first battery-swapping station is located. Keep a note that Nebula is an authorized partner of Gogoro Inc.

“Gogoro is at the forefront of sustainable urban transportation and together we plan to contribute to Nepal’s zero-emission targets through this new age of sustainable energy, mobility, and technology,” said Manoj Goyal, chairman of Nebula Energy. 

“We are proud to be partnering with an industry leader like Nebula Energy which shares our vision for accelerating the electric transformation of Nepal’s two-wheel transportation industry. Nepal is at the forefront of clean energy generation and utilization and is actively promoting two- and four-wheel EV adoption and our partnership is sure to make a significant impact,” said Horace Luke, founder and CEO of Gogoro. “Together, Gogoro and Nebula Energy share a vision for accelerating the electric transformation of Nepal’s two-wheel transportation industry. Gogoro battery swapping is optimized to provide convenient Swap & Go access to Gogoro Smart Batteries in seconds. Gogoro’s new Gogoro CrossOver GX250 is optimized for riders in Nepal with more seating and storage space and better ground clearance.”

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What is battery swapping?

Gogoro EV battery swapping station in Kathmandu
Gogoro EV battery swapping station in Kathmandu

Battery swapping in EV refers to exchanging a discharged battery pack with a fully charged one. This differs from recharging the battery completely which also means battery swapping helps save crucial time and remains a highly efficient practice. Recharging electric vehicles is yet to be highly convenient given that the regular method of charging can take hours while DC fast charge reduces the time significantly. Battery swapping elevates that convenience further. As Gogoro and Nebula Energy embark on this aspect of EV, the auto market might have a lot more to gain from this novelty practice.

Gogoro Battery Swapping in Nepal

At first, Gogoro Battery Swapping will be available to strategic B2B customers within the nation’s capital Kathmandu. Nebula also plans to roll out Gogoro battery swapping stations every two to three kilometers. Additionally, the firm seeks to offer the Gogoro Smartscooter commercially from retail locations in later in 2024.

“Mass adoption of two-wheel EVs in Nepal must be enabled through smart and innovative technologies like Gogoro’s battery swapping and Smartscooter,” said Sahayu Goyal, managing director at Nebula Energy. “Gogoro’s Swap & Go battery-swapping provides a unique solution that addresses the major challenges that Nepal riders face when deciding to buy an electric two-wheeler today Nebula plans to install more Gogoro battery swapping stations than the number of petrol stations in Nepal.”

“Our partnership with Nebula Energy is a natural extension of our India commercialization and we are excited to be leveraging our new India-based manufacturing capabilities to deliver the new Gogoro CrossOver to Kathmandu,” said Yang Chen, vice president at Gogoro.

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Gogoro CrossOver Smartscooter Series

Gogoro CrossOver GX250 Smartscooter
Gogoro CrossOver GX250 Smartscooter

While launching battery swapping in Nepal, Nebula has also introduced Gogoro CrossOver GX250 Smartscooter, a two-wheel SUV. It’s manufactured in Maharashtra, India, and is the brand’s first-ever smart scooter made in India. The scooter is built on an all-terrain frame which allows for enhanced rigidity and comfort and also offers storage, riding, and customization. Likewise, its new frame design bolsters the durability of the suspension system and accommodates larger loads stressing stability and comfort.

Gogoro EV Battery Swapping Technology in Kathmandu, Nepal

Gogoro’s battery swapping tech is backed by an open and interoperable platform. It’s safe, smart, and convenient for urban riders which ultimately eliminates battery/range anxiety. Well, on the flip side: You may also want to read it: Electric Vehicles Emit More Toxins Than Fuel Cars- Study

The Gogoro Network provides support to 600,000 riders with over 1.4 million smart batteries in active mobilization backed by 12,500 battery-swapping stations across 2,500 locations.

Battery swapping gives riders a sense of relief, and convenience and rids them of battery anxiety associated with electric rides. Have a depleted battery? Just take it out and replace it with the fully charged one. The batteries are coordinated by the charging station which makes it more hassle-free.

Key benefits of EV battery benefits

Here are the best benefits of EV battery swapping.

  • Convenience
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Relief from battery ownership and replacement cost
  • Reduces range anxiety to the bare minimum

Gogoro EV battery swapping will be launched in more locations in Kathmandu in 2024.

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