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Police tell the public to be alert while buying and paying online

Nepal Police has instructed the public to be alert while shopping online. The request comes amidst a rapid increase of scams in the name of online shopping.

In recent days, many buyers have fallen victim while placing orders online. It has been found that these fake shopkeepers took advance payment and deliberately didn’t fulfill the delivery.

Nepal Police spokesman, Deputy Inspector General of Police Kuwer Kadayat requested to make payment for online shopping only after ensuring their legitimacy citing complaints of scams from many places.

 “In recent times, there has been an increase in complaints about fraud by blocking the customer’s account to shut communication without delivery and by advertising cheap goods through social media. Therefore, while doing business through social media, you should proceed only after ensuring whether the concerned social media page or account is official or not.”

Likewise, if anyone falls victim to an online shopping scam, they are requested to reach out to the authorities. The police have issued a public request asking them to submit an application to the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, Min Bhawan, or the nearest district police office regarding such frauds.

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Online shopping scams are on the rise

While eCommerce is thriving, many scammers are also taking advantage of it. Under the guise of legitimate sellers, some scammers are duping unsuspecting customers online. Usually, goods are promoted at cheaper prices to tempt their potential buyers. Once customers come calling the deal is reached. But they escape without delivering the product.

The scammers ask for payment in advance before delivering the product. After receiving the payment, such ‘fake’ sellers block the customers’ accounts so as to shut down any possibility of communicating with them. The pages they show to be using have been found to be deleted or belong to other owners. It’s crucial that they buy from sellers who are authentic.

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After eCommerce flourished in Nepal, small and medium enterprises also sold their businesses online from Facebook and other social media but not every seller is true. It’s advised that before payment, it’s ensured that the seller is physically approachable if needed.

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