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Nepal Could Soon Announce to Ban Combustion Engine Vehicles

As per the sources, the government of Nepal is set to ban combustion engine vehicles in the country. The policy would align with the global longing for a shift towards eco-friendly vehicles that Nepal is also following passionately.

As electric vehicles gain more marketing appeal, traditional combustion engine vehicles lose further relevancy. The government could perpetually ban the imports of fuel-powered vehicles.

The auto-making industry itself is emphasizing EVs these days with many announcing that they will end combustion engine vehicles by 2030 to 2040. Nepal’s government has also set a target to increase the sales of EVs to 90 percent in the next ten years.

Due to the ongoing liquidity crisis, the government has imposed a ban on fuel-based passenger vehicles. But the country is approaching the festive season and the ban could be lifted but it could also announce the upholding of the ban on fuel-based vehicles for its entirety.

The government has formed a committee that includes the governor of Nepal Rastra Bank, Deputy Chief of the National Plan Commission, and Secretary of the Finance Ministry and will determine the date for relaxing the existing ban on vehicles. They will also discuss the prospects of allowing the imports of only EVs.

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Nepal to ban combustion engine vehicles following the footpath of world states

“Currently, we have started discussion on lifting the ban. At a time when the whole world is talking about the complete use of electric vehicles, Nepal should also follow the initiative. But we have not yet decided on the fixed date yet,” one member of the committee said.

When the timeline is announced, combustion engines from that date onwards will be barred from imports to Nepal.

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Hydroelectricity is one of the assets in Nepal. EV-friendly policy and their uses will help utilize the electricity as well as reinforce Nepal’s economy. In times of dwindling dollar reserves, eco-friendly vehicles that conserve billions of rupees otherwise spent on fuel could prove a lifesaver for Nepal.

There is a chance that after 2030, the Nepal government will completely ban the import of fuel-powered vehicles into the country. But the earlier talks and gradual initiatives will give a sizeable impetus to the green and eco-friendly EV policy.

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Would you want the government to adopt the electric vehicles-only policy in Nepal? Or are you skeptical of their price and efficiency given Nepal’s complex landforms? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments below.

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