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Kathmandu Metro to have its own TV channel, Rs 5 crore budget allocated

Kathmandu Metropolitan City is in a plan to establish its television channel. The local body announced the plan after its meeting on June 25 where Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol presented the city’s annual budget and economic and allocation bill.

It has been announced that the Kathmandu Metor’s official TV channel name will be “Mahanagar”. For the plan, Deputy Mayor Dangol announced that the local government has sanctioned a Rs 5 crore budget.

“I have allocated Rs 5 crore for the establishment of metropolitan television,” Dangol said.

The TV channel will be useful to update Kathmandu Metro’s works, plans, and policies and also help to issue notices to the people within its jurisdiction.

Dangol also shared that the government has allocated a budget to host an ICT-based conference.

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Plans to make Kathmandu a safer city for its residents

In addition to this, the city also announced various other plans for the city to enhance its security and lifestyle for the people.

As announced, the city will soon begin to install surveillance cameras at main chowks, lanes, and streets within its jurisdiction. The plan has been adopted to enhance the city’s security and create a safe environment for the residents. Rs 20 crore has been allocated for this plan, Dangol announced.

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