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Receive remittance from NIC Asia mobile banking app, steps

Now, it is possible to receive remittances on NIC Asia mobile banking app and deposit them into your bank account. The leading private commercial bank has recently launched such a feature to facilitate remittance service for its customers.

This service is available to the bank’s customers who have activated and are using mobile banking services. If you have the bank’s mobile banking service and receive remittances, you can avail of this service. The bank says that customers who receive remittances from abroad can deposit them into the NIC Asia bank account easily.

The bank has been very active in promoting digital banking services lately. And remittance reception through mobile banking is another of such service in its wing.

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How to receive remittances on NIC Asia Mobile Banking App?

To receive remittances sent from abroad into NIC Asia Mobile Banking App, do the following:

  • Launch the NIC Asia MOBANK app
  • Tap on the Remittance icon
  • Enter the amount in Receive Remit and submit the Unique PIN
  • Then you can transfer the remittance you have received into your bank account.

The service would save time and cost and bring convenience to its customers who have an active mobile banking subscription.

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