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Kathmandu to Get Intelligent Traffic Light System

Department of Roads to install the AI-Enabled Intelligent Traffic System in the Kathmandu Valley

Various locations in Kathmandu are set to witness an overhaul in the traffic system. The Department of Roads is planning to install the Intelligent Traffic Light System in the capital. The intelligent system will better operate traffic lights and improve traffic management more efficiently.

The system will instill smart capabilities in the traffic lights that will dictate its own rulings based on traffic congestion. Presently traffic is managed at different junctions in their own operating modules.

However, “This ‘smart’ system with AI abilities will establish uniformity in traffic management and improve the system.” Vehicle and Transport Management chief Krishna Nath Ojha stated.

Currently, the traffic police manually operate the traffics. However, soon the powerful smart systems will be filling in and carry their duties.

The department plans to complete the project with in the current fiscal year. For the time being, they are working on the design and pattern of this system before they finalize on wide scale installations within the valley.

The Department has been installing the traffic systems in the heavy traffic areas for years. They are planning to install five traffic lights this fiscal year and add seven more in the next.

The commuters don’t have it easy in the valley on their rides. Heavy traffic and lack of systematic management have become a barrier to their peaceful outing to their workplaces during rush hours.

The new Smart traffic system, however, will facilitate traffic officials to improve traffic management and minimize road accidents for the daily commuters.

Tell us what do you think of the upcoming intelligent/smart Traffic lights in the Kathmandu valley road?

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