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Electric car brands and their market share in Nepal

Currently, electric cars are trending in Nepal. From Tesla 3 to BYD and Tata, various popular brands are competing in the Nepali auto market to capitalize on the bustling market. With more brands entering Nepal via their local partners, the question begs about those electric car brands and their market share.

The data from the customs department is a rightful testament to how EV is on a growth trajectory. In 2023, a total of 6,762 electric car units made it to Nepal while a slim 2,240 EVs were imported in 2022. The increase in import volume translates to an increasing affinity for eco-friendly vehicles.

Low maintenance costs, consumers’ growing consciousness with the environment, easier-to-operate, less complex machines, and other reasons have made electric vehicles a credible alternative for many and a first for some. So, amidst the hugely upbeat EV market in Nepal, we discuss the market share of EV brands in Nepal on the basis of several cars imported.

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Electric Car Market Share in Nepal by brands

Tata so far has remained the most popular EV car brand in terms of sales records. According to the data, Sipradi Trading imported 2,557 Tata electric cars in 2023. Particularly, among the models, Tata Nexon EV, Tigor, and Tiago EV have stood out in the consumer market. Next, the Tata Punch EV is also launching soon in Nepal.

Likewise, Chinese brand BYD which stands for Build Your Dreams has stood second in Nepal’s EV car market share. The thriving electric car brand brought in 2,177 electric cars in Nepal. Cymex Inc. is the official seller of BYD in Nepal. Most BYD cars in Nepal have made quite a name including Atto 3, BYD Dolphin, and Seal to name just a few. While the BYD Seagull (Dolphin Mini) is also launching soon in Nepal.

BYD Atto 3 is one of the popular electric car models in Nepal

British brand MG follows at third in Nepal. In 2023, the company brought in 1,127 electric cars into the country. Paramount Motors distributes and sells MG EV cars in Nepal, like MG ZS EV, MG Comet EV, MG 4 EV etc.

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South Korean brand Hyundai is among the top EV car brands in Nepal and according to the official data, the company brought 187 electric four-wheelers in 2023. Laxmi International is responsible for selling Hyundai cars in Nepal. Laxmi International has recently started assembly of Hyundai EVs in Parasi and that is expected to drive prices lower by up to 10%.

Similarly, Neta exported 265 electric cars to Nepal in 2023. Among the total, 142 units were Neta V. Likewise, Neta X is also launched so it could prove to be another market-propeller lineup for the brand. Chaudhary Group (CG) is the official seller of Neta cars in Nepal.  

Neta V

Seres is another top EV brand in Nepal. So far, the brand’s two models Seres Mini EV and Seres 3 are available in the country. MAW Vriddhi, the official distributor of Seres EVs in Nepal imported 171 electric cars in 2023.

Likewise, Citroen and Kia brought 141 and 31 electric cars to Nepal in 2023. Citroen eC3 and Kia’s Kia EV6 are popular lineups so far in the country. Sangrila Motors Nepal and Continental Trading Pvt. Ltd. are the official sellers of Citroen and Kia cars in Nepal.

American brand Tesla’s EV is also available in Nepal via its official seller Aret International Pvt. Ltd. Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 lineups are available in the Nepali market.

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EV brand market share Nepal summary

In 2023, a total of 6,762 electric cars were imported into Nepal. Of all, Tata Motors ruled the Nepali EV market with a 38% market share. BYD follows second with 32% market share while MG stands 3rd with 17%. Similarly, Neta and Seres occupied 4% and 3% market share at the 4th and 5th ranks. Compared to 2022, electric car imports also rose by a massive 57%.

Here is the table that shows the electric car market share in Nepal:

Electric car brandsMarket share in Nepal

As the government is set to announce a new budget speech for the fiscal year FY 2081/82, it’s likely that there could be new policies for the electric vehicle market which could further determine how the market swerves. For now, the industry is showing a healthy rising graph.

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