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Ranjana Font wins an international award in London

Nitya Ranjana Font has been presented with a D&AD Yellow Pencil award. Designed by the Callijatra Foundation, the popular Nepal Bhasha font achieved the accolade on Tuesday at a ceremony organized in Southbank Center, London.

The font was recognized with the award in the “Type Design and Lettering” category. The font is a digitalized rendition of the Ranjana Lipi (script) popular in the Newari community. It was rendered into a font by the Callijatra Foundation in collaboration with an Indian company Ek Type. Tathagat Bishwash and Nupar Datya are the designers of this font.

D&AD awards comprise 4 award levels- Wooden Pencil, Graphite Pencil, Black Pencil, and Yellow Pencil. Nitya Ranjana font clinched the best Yellow Pencil award. D&AD awards honor the best candidates in advertising, design, craft, entertainment, and other fields. D&AD has been recognizing creativity with awards since 1962.

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Callijatra Foundation chairman Anandkumar Maharjan said that the award has not only enhanced Ranjana script’s status but also gave it international exposure.

Ranjana Font was launched on March 16, 2024. It’s a typeface font with the calligraphic style of the Ranjana script. The font can be used to write Sanskrit, Pali, and Nepal Bhasa.

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