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Cyber Bureau offers 5 tips for cybersecurity

The Cyber Bureau of Nepal has offered 5 tips for cybersecurity. The authority issued the suggestions amidst the growing cases of cyber threats faced by users in the online space.

Have you ever received a message that you own a lottery worth Rs millions? Or did you get a call from some Facebook group revealing you as the winner of some precious prize such as an iPhone? It’s also common that some of you might have gotten a message in your social media message asking you to log in to a page to claim your prize or something similar. Well, these are only the representative occurrences.

High-speed internet and the growing use of smartphones added by their ever-lowering costs have profoundly transformed our lives. We predominantly use digital platforms for payment, calls, connecting through social media, etc. However, unfortunately, many have fallen victim to rogue design, schemes, and scams and they are at large across the internet. So, it’s best that we stay highly conscious and alert against such fraudulent behaviors. Cyber Bureau has suggested 5 tips for users to stay safe and protected in cyberspace. Here they are.

Cyber Bureau tips for cybersecurity

Use safe passwords:

  • Separate passwords for different accounts
  • Change passwords from time to time
  • Use highly secure passwords (alphanumeric that can be hard to crack)
  • Use 2FA or MFA for a higher level of security
  • Use fingerprint or OTP code like two or multi-factor authentication

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If you get an unexpected lottery win message

  1. Don’t click any links on your SMS, Messenger, or WhatsApp that declare you as the winner
  2. If you receive any call or message telling you to declare and pay customs for the parcel, don’t proceed further
  3. If a message mentions any lottery, don’t fall for the temptation, and don’t ever share your OTP, or password with anyone
social media

Maintain the secrecy of your details

  • Don’t watch unnecessary or explicit photos or videos on social network sites
  • Stay alert about links, apps, websites, online forms, etc. you see or receive on the internet or in your social media messages

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Be careful about financial activity

  • Don’t trust any message or links of lottery that tell that you have won attractive prizes
  • If your family or friend demands financial help, only confirm through a call

Stay informed about the use of technology

  • Install an anti-virus on your computer or use an ad blocker (apps or add-ons)
  • Always use updated versions of apps/software
  • Back up very essential data

It’s suggested that you take note of all these while being online and most important of all, don’t click on anything suspicious such as asking you to click on a link. For more reach out to us in the comments section below.

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