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Daraz Candy: Now Enjoy Playing the Game While Shopping and Get a Discount

Daraz Nepal has launched Daraz Candy, a gameplay that lets customers play on the platform while shopping. The leading eCommerce brand launched the online game to add more entertainment for its customers who log in to shop on its platform.

Having always launched exciting and unique features to its platform such as the ChatGPT-backed AskDaraz, the company has for the first time launched a game for its customers.

Customers can play the game easily. Gamers only have to bring three or more candy of the same colors to one place.

When the same color candies are brought together, they disappear and the remaining ones from the top come to the bottom.

Users get GEMs from this game which is based on their gameplay per day.  

Members of the Daraz Loyalty can redeem these GEMs to get special discounts on the products.

Daraz is one of Nepal’s leading online marketplaces with millions of products and users.

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