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Daraz app gets ChatGPT-powered AskDaraz for recommendations

South Asia’s leading eCommerce giant Daraz has launched a ChatGPT-powered AI chat feature AskDaraz which gives buyers personalized recommendations for shopping. The service comes in an effort of the company to adapt to emerging marketing trends and elevate online consumerism. It’s a groundbreaking collaboration among Daraz and Microsoft, Azure, and OpenAI.

The feature is hailed as a significant milestone in the digital shopping industry that elevates the user experience. As for benefits, it is a shopping assistant to ease out a few clicks for shopping. If you use AskDaraz, you just have to discuss with it what kind of products you wish to buy and the AI chat service delivers to you a personalized recommendation for you.

Daraz has millions of products on its platform from renowned international brands. And AskDaraz is here to help you get your products without having to search through them one by one. You can also use the service in any language so, for people who find language to be a barrier, the AI chat service is there for you.

Likewise, in the crowd of online shopping platforms in Nepal, AskDaraz could prove to be another reason why it remains ahead of the lot in the eCommerce industry.

AskDaraz will help uplift communities using AGI

Speaking on AskDaraz integration into the Daraz app, Edouard Gheerbrant, Chief Operating Officer at Daraz Asia said that the AI-powered chat service help in uplifting communities using Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). “AGI has already begun transforming the digital landscape by reshaping how people connect, communicate, and access essential resources, and it is undoubtedly clear that this new phenomenon holds immense potential, especially in the frontier markets we serve. Re-thinking the way in which people search on the internet and access knowledge will be vital to future growth,” he continued.

He added that despite internet and smartphone penetration achieving strong growth in recent years, most people in South Asia struggle with access to goods and services. He attributes it to low literacy, limited retail distribution networks, and language diversity. He believes that AskDaraz which leverages the advanced AI language model, will be a perfect hand for online shoppers as users can naturally and intuitively discuss with AskDaraz in any language and get recommendations for products.

Quote: AskDaraz will help products to be delivered to customers’ doorstep all across the Daraz markets – enabling any people to gain access to dozen of millions of products with best-in-class service.

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Benefits of AskDaraz

AskDaraz is designed to help buyers with recommendations for goods. It has the following advantages:

  • If customers want an AI shopping assistant, it is there for you to help with the products you are looking for.
  • If searching for products one by one or by brands is rather hectic for you, you can use the ChatGPT AskDaraz.
  • If language is a barrier to you, then the AI chat service is there for you to bridge the linguistic barrier. You can use any language to ask AskDaraz and find your products.

How to use AskDaraz?

The feature is globally rolled out so it’s available on both Android and iPhone smartphones from their respective platforms. So, it’s most certainly available to every mobile phone user. You can follow the steps below to use the benefits of AskDaraz on the Daraz app.

  • Launch Daraz mobile app.
  • At the bottom, you see the “Discover” tab.
  • Tap on it.
  • Now you see a field where you can enter your query for a product of your choice. That’s it, Type what you want for your wishlist, it could be a description of a product including its color, and design. AskDaraz then will give you personalized recommendations.
Daraz DarazAsk

You can already try the ChatGPT-backed AskDaraz in Nepal right now on the Daraz app. If you want more help or information regarding the milestone feature, do let us know in the comments below.

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