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Construction of a signature bridge over the Seti River starts, A project of Rs 94 crores

The construction of a signature bridge over the Seti River on the Pokhara-Mugling highway has begun. Once complete, the bridge is expected to remedy the congestion-prone traffic situation on the highway.

Rusuwa Construction has taken the responsibility to erect the milestone bridge which will use the Cable-Stayed technology. As per the company, the construction of the bridge will be complete in three years.

 “If no obstacle emerges, the bridge will be constructed in its time, we are almost past the rainy season, so work will gather pace,” Sudarshan Devkota, an engineer from the construction company said, “equipment and workers have all arrived at the spot, construction materials are being imported.”

The Department of Road is building the bridge over the Seti River with financial aid from the Asian Development Bank. The bridge is being made at the cost of Rs 94 crores without VAT.

Rajesh Paudel, chief for the project’s west section said, “The construction company has started building the foundation for the bridge, and before Dashain, they will start work on the construction for the structures, he added, “There will be a six-lane road after the construction of two signature bridges below and above the existing China Bridge.”

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Cable-stayed signature bridge to address traffic on the Pokhara-Mugling highway

Currently, the highway traffic has suffered congestion due to the narrow condition of the same bridge which comes in the route to the tourist city Pokhara. But Paudel believes that the signature bridge will not just soothe the highway traffic, but also add value to the Pokhara city’s tourism and attraction.

He added, “The current signature bridge will be more attractive even by its design and will attract tourists visiting Pokhara.” He also said that the construction could be completed within two years.

At present, the Pokhara-Mugling road is being expanded to 4 lanes. Under the same project, the signature bridge is being constructed over the Seti River. The 81 km road has been divided into two sections for the work.

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The bridge is significant

Pokhara-Mugling highway is one of the busiest roads in the country with thousands of vehicles traveling to and fro. The road construction for the highway has been ongoing since Baisakh 2078 BS, however, due to the landslide and rainy seasons’ adversities, progress has been rather slow.

Several bridges are being constructed on the highway on the same route. Many have been made and are ready to serve around Dashain while the latest signature bridge will be a charm attraction on the busy highway when its work is complete.

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