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CG Begins Fiber Net In Kathmandu: 120Mbps For Just Rs.999

Nepali multinational CG Telecom has begun its much-anticipated fiber net service in Kathmandu and has already caught everyone’s attention from the kick-off. Operating as the CG Communications Limited, it is offering an unprecedented 120Mbps next-gen broadband for just Rs.999, the fastest yet for residential use in Nepal. Find the price, offers, and availability of CG Net Fiber Internet service.

CG net‘, Chaudhary Group’s new ISP company, has started its fiber-optic service in the capital with the motto ‘speed that matters’. To justify it, the company has launched the service with a bang offering a mammoth 120Mbps internet at the affordable cost of Rs.999 which itself is the cheapest option already.

CG net fiber price

Having failed to obtain the unified license to start a telecom company (CG Telecom), CG dedicated all its resources to internet service and finally, it has launched with a very aggressive strategy. As it seems, it will likely push other ISPs to tone down their packages too.

CG expects to drastically improve the work efficiency of business professionals as well as individuals with its unprecedented value-for-money package. Adding more to it, CG will also introduce IPTV, OTT, and other digital services to supplement its grand entry into the ISP business. CG net aspires to meet the evolving demands of internet users who need high-speed bandwidth for ‘work from home, online classes, and streaming services, and more.

The company has its head office at Trade Tower Business Center in Thapathali and starts the net service from select few areas in the valley such as Jawalakhel, Bhanimandal, and Ekantakuna. Within a short period of CG Net’s fiber internet service has expanded to more areas of Kathmandu.

Here is the list of available places with CG Net’s Internet connection.

S.NCG Net Fiber Available locationsAvailability
1Jawalakhel, Jhamsikhel, EkantakunaYes
2Kalanki, Teku, Kuleshwor, Balkhu, Kalimati, and TripureshworYes
3Kupondole, Sanepa, Gusingal, Jwagal, Chakupat, Chayasal, BalkumariYes
4Satungal, Maharajgung, Balaju, Chhauni, KoteshworComing Soon

CG is also planning for a full-fledged expansion of its net service. It is currently infrastructures in other areas as it seeks to widen its fiber net countrywide by the end of 2078.

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CG Net Home Plan

CG’s high-flying 120Mbps internet service is not just eye-catching with speed, it is also spellbinding by cost. It will only get you Rs. 999 lighter each month for renewal. Upon a 12 months renewal, it will cost Rs. 11,988.

There are also options for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months renewal plans. The customers will have the option to choose between a single band or dual-band router. For residential use with normal family size, a single-band router may just do fine. However, if it is for business purposes and needs a seamless connection with almost no interruption, dual-band will fulfill your demands.

CG’s Fiber Net ServicePer month3 months6 months12 months
120 MbpsRs 999Rs 2,997Rs 5,994Rs 11,988
Single-band routerRs 2500Rs 2000Rs 1500Free
Dual-band routerRs 3500Rs 3000Rs 2500Free
The renewal charges are exclusive of VAT

CG Net’s Fair Usage Policy

All ISPs in Nepal subject us to the infamous Fair Usage Policy and CG has also followed the suit. But since it has a very high-speed bandwidth, its FUP may not strike most of the customers. Check below to take note of its data cap in case you hog CG’s jaw-dropping net to excess.

CG Net’s FUP LevelBandwidth LimitBandwidth Speed
Original Data BandwidthUp to 1900 GB120Mbps
Tier 11900 – 2000 GB50% of original speed
Tier 22000 – 2100 GB30% of original speed
Tier 3Upwards of 2100 GB10% of original speed
CG Net’s FUP Plan

There are three tiers of FUP that will come into effect in order depending upon your persistence on maximizing net consumption. The normal bandwidth allowance is set at 1900GB per day which will function at the promised speed. If you cross the bandwidth limit, CG will limit you to 60Mbps speed (half from the original) followed by 30% and 10% at tier 2 and tier 3 respectively.

As mentioned earlier, even if your bandwidth speed falls to 10% you will still enjoy a 12Mbps connection which is not at all bad for normal browsing and occasional video watching for residential usage. But it may also entail moral responsibility to be economical and stay within the limits as FUP is implemented to provide the net service uniformly so that they can utilize the promised experience with optimum satisfaction.

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Our Verdict

CG net has caught everyone’s eyes already. Its 120Mbps speed at just Rs.999 is the unheard benchmark for fiber net service in Nepal.

Judging by its face value, CG looks highly motivated to revolutionize internet service once and for all. There have been long calls from internet consumers for low-cost service and CG has hit the spot where it matters most.

CG’s aggressive offering might shake up the strategic grounds of other existing ISPs in Nepal. Its generous package will likely push others to reflect upon their own business models and bring monumental reforms. In the end, internet uses will be entitled to better services: better bandwidth at affordable cost.

Do you think CG Net’s 120 Mbps at Rs 999 is the revolution in the making? How do you expect other ISPs to respond? Leave your opinion on it in our comments section below.

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