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Nepal Telecom Launches IPTV service Over the Fiber to the Home in 2021.

Nepal Telecom launches IPTV (television) service through Fiber to the Home (FTTH) from the English new year with the brand name NTTV. Currently, Nepal Telecom is providing voice and data service. Starting from 1st Jan 2020, they provide the television service through the integration of IPTV technology. Find the method to subscribe and the cost of NTTV packages in Nepal Telecom without or without internet.

As this service requires access to FTTH network, this service is only available in areas already having FTTH access or places where it is practically feasible to distribute FTTH network.

Currently, this service would be available in areas inside Kathmandu Valley viz. Sundhara, Babarmahal, Thimi, Balambu, Bhaktapur, Chahbil, Chhauni, Gongabu, Patan, Hattigauda, Jorpati, Kirtipur, Saibu, Lubhu, Naxal and Banepa as well places outside valley where FTTH connection could be established.

How to subscribe NTTV in Nepal Telecom Fiber?

The customers who are using both voice and data services through FTTH should contact the nearest branch of Nepal Telecom to subscribe IPTV service. The customer should buy STB (Set-Top Box), each for one TV as multiple TV subscription is also allowed. You could watch NTTV on traditional television as well as digital TV sets.

Various national and international TV channels is available in basic and premium packages and being distributed to customers according to their own requirements and needs.

Price of NTTV Packages (Ntc Television Service)

The pricing of NTTV packages over FTTH comes in two version as with the combo pack. The combo packs are either Internet+TV+Telephone or TV+Telephone.

If you already have a fiber connection at your place, then you just need to buy the STB for your TV, which costs Rs 3955 but with the subscription of yearly premium package, the cost becomes Rs 2825.

If you do not have a fiber connection at your place and want to connect TV+Internet+Telephone, then you need to pay for one time cost for (installation cost, FTTH router cost, STB cost, Fiber cost) and then the subscription package. One year subscription will provide FTTH router and 100 meter fiber for free, along with the discount for STB.

Nepal Telecom’s TV package is not available with the 8 Mbps FTTH package whereas it is available with all packages above 15 Mbps. Lets find the tariff of NTTV packages as below.

The cost of 15 Mbps Internet plus Basic TV plus free telephone is Rs 1230 per month, Rs 3530 for three months and Rs 13,220 for 12 months. Similarly, for the cost of NTTV plus free Telephone is Rs 480 per month, Rs 1450 for 3 months and 5780 for 12 months.

Whereas for the premium TV subscription, the cost of NTTV is Rs 1400 for a month, Rs 4100 for three months and Rs 15000 for 12 months. Find all of the premium TV packages in Nepal Telecom as:

Premium NTTV Packages in Nepal Telecom1 Month3 Months12 Months
15 Mbps Unlimited Internet + NTTV + free Telephone1,4004,10015,000
30 Mbps Unlimited Internet + NTTV + free Telephone1,7505,00018,100
40 Mbps Unlimited Internet + NTTV + free Telephone2,0506,00019,700
60 Mbps Unlimited Internet + NTTV + free Telephone2,4507,20024,500
NTTV + free Telephone8002,3508,300

If you compare the price of 15 Mbps Internet FTTH (with NTTV) to that of without NTTV, the price of one month television service becomes Rs 400 for a premium package. Whereas for basic TV package, the additional cost of TV becomes Rs 230, which is quite affordable. But you need to check the TV channels in both the Basic and Premium package to decide which one to subscribe.

Since voice, data and TV service would be available over the same fibre, the service is expected to be even more attractive. The triple play service over Fiber is long expected telecom service from Ntc which becomes reality with the start of New year 2021.

Tell us what do you think of Nepal Telecom TV service in the name of NTTV. Do provide feedback if you are one of those who had waited for long time to buy this TV service of Ntc, in the comment section below.

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