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How to Register Free Domain For Your Business? (With Video)

In this article, I am going to explain how you can register free domain for your business or small company. I have already explained the importance of having your own personal domain in this article.

Apart from registering your own personal domain, you could also register domain for your business. Having your business website is a great way to kickstart your business.

While building your own website , the primary elements are having your own domain and allocate some hosting space to facilitate storage of files on your website. Domain is unique identification string that stands out from other website names. For e.g is domain of Google Inc.

The domain you register should be short, simple and should give people some hint regarding what your business is really about. While registering domain, there are two options. You could register .com/.net domain through domain provider like

While, .com is the most famous and authentic domain extension, there are plenty of options from which you could choose whichever you feel would be suitable for your business. You have to pay from range of 600 NRS-1000 NRS yearly if you want to register .com domain. It depends on your domain provider.

Another option is registering domain for free. Registering/buying your own domain is the first step towards building your own website. Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd has provided the great opportunity of all the Nepalese people where you could register domain for free.

The .np domain name is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Nepal. These domains with the .np extension are very popular in Nepal and around its geographical area. You can register your own .np domain and create a professional web page, a personal website, a blog or an online portal to demonstrate the connection to this region.

Free domain for Business: Steps

You will require following documents in order to register the domain:

1) Certificate of incorporation of company/PAN certificate

2) Coverletter

You can only register domain which resembles the name of your organization. For e.g resembles the domain of Onpoint Consultancy Services. If you register the domain that does not resemble the name of your company/organization, your domain registration request would be rejected.

The coverletter should have proper header of the company along with PAN/VAT number on the top. The salutation should be done properly and you should describe in brief why you want to register the domain. The letter should be properly signed and sealed. You can download the format of coverletter.

You can go to and fill up the request form to continue further registration process.

You can watch the video if you want to learn each processes in detail:

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