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Social Media Businesses Could Be Fined up to 1 Lakhs If They Don’t Have a Website.

Now onwards, you could get punished if you run e-commerce/social media business without a digital platform i.e website. According to a new bill published by Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Import, it is mentioned that you could get fined up to 1 lakhs NRS if you don’t have a website to facilitate your e-commerce business.

This means you can’t perform business simply by creating posts and ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. In the bill, it is also mentioned that businesses should create a website so that they should be able to showcase it whenever required.

Social Media Business: Requirements

It is also mentioned that the website should be SSL(Secure Socket Layer) certified as well as should be satisfying the certain level of security protocol. In the website, the name of the Business owner, Address, PAN certificate number, VAT number, Contact details, email as well as contact details of the person to express complaints should be clearly mentioned.

The social media business should also be registered in the portal of Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Import. If the business is not registered, they could be fined up to 1 Lakhs NRS too.

Along with this, it is also required to mention the pricing of available products and services, the selling price of products/services including the tax, warranty and guarantee as well as delivery time of the products. Each and every detail should be clearly mentioned on the website. If businesses fail to do so, they would also be fined up to 1 Lakhs NRS.

If you want to send your suggestions and recommendations to the ministry with regards to this bill, you could send it in a certain format to

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