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A 22-year-old Nepali youth-made Android app “Pick Up Lines” sold for Rs 70 lakh

An Android app called “Pickup Lines – Flirt Messages” has been sold for about Rs 70 lakh. An Israeli company Rounds Limited bought the app for $53,000. The app was built by a Nepali web developer Karna Bahadur Budha Kshetri from Bardiya Badgadhi-5.

Khadka released the app “Pickup Lines” app on the Play Store on November 15, 2022. Users with Android 5.1 and above can download this app. It’s lightweight so it’s soft on resources with just a 12 MB download size but may offer plenty of value in romance.  

What is the Pickup Lines” app?

As the title implies, the Pickup Lines app includes a large collection of pickup lines that may help you with courtship.  It stands out because the pickup lines are included in various categories from cheesy, cute, nerdy, to adult, etc. If you want digital help in flirting, this app might excel.

“We’ve compiled a huge collection of lines that may help you in picking up and engaging a conversation girl with these “Pickup Lines—Flirt Messages” for fun or casual flirting. The best naughty messages to propose or flirt, the app’s description narrates on Play Store.

pickup lines app

You can use these lines in a romantic date, call, or chat, or to cheer up a bemused partner. Besides, you can also mark your favorite pick-up lines and share them via SMS, email, Messenger, etc.

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Nepali-made app sold for Rs 70 lakh

Kshetri recalls that in a short period, the app grew in popularity with users coming from Africa, and Europe as well. As a result, the revenue was also rising in charts. Rounds initially made an offer of $25,000 for the app.

“By then, the app had been downloaded over 8 lakh times and after some research on the potential buyer, the deal was discussed,” Kshetri adds.  

The talented IT professional shares that the deal to sell the app was finalized on November 14 (Kartik 29) for $53,000.

Java programming language helped build the app

Kshetri said that he used Java programming language to build his propriety Pickup Lines app. After writing the app, he uploaded it to the Play Store. Besides Java, his proficiency expands across HTML, CSS, Android Development, etc.

Android’s apps platform is an open source-inspired space and it is easy to upload an app. Kshetri shared that the app’s earning was doubling between months. He received the money on December 08 (Mangsir 22) for the deal with Rounds.

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More about Karna Bahadur Budha Kshetri

The talented Karna Bahadur Budha Kshetri is studying in the Third Year at Lalitpur-situated Universal Engineering and Science College. He has been developing Android apps since 2020 under Kaki Developer. So far, he has uploaded over 2 dozen apps on the Play Store. Apart from making apps, he also has experience in freelancing. Kshetri carries a vision to contribute to Nepal and make a living without venturing abroad. He is one of the truly inspired individuals who knows what he is doing. All credit to him.

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