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Khalti launches collateral fund load and broker payment services

Nepal’s leading payment service provider Khalti has launched Collateral Load and Broker Payment services in collaboration with Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE). Aimed to enable an easier route for small and medium-scale investors to delve into the stock market, these new groundbreaking services will let investors make their broker payments with ease.

Khalti, being one of the most popular digital wallets in Nepal, is already an active player in uplifting the share market activities in Nepal. The leading mobile wallet provides Mero Share and DEMAT as well as SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) payment. Now, the company has gone one notch up by introducing collateral fund load service which allows Khalti using investors to load funds to over 40 TMS brokers accounts. Khalti says that the service lets small and medium-scale investors explore and invest in the stock market and makes capital market activities easier.  

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How to load collateral funds using Khalti?

Here are the steps to load collateral funds using Khalti:

  1. Visit Broker’s TMS Portal
  2. Now, tap on “Fund Management”
  3. Choose “Load Collateral”
  4. Enter ‘Khalti’ under the Bank option & web under the Payment Method option
  5. Enter Amount, Remarks & submit
  6. Enter Khalti credentials & submit.

How to pay share market brokers in Khalti?

Additionally, you can also make broker payments via Khalti. Follow the steps below to make broker payments:

  1. Open  Broker’s TMS Portal
  2. Tap on “Fund Management”
  3. Tap on “Fund Settlement”
  4. Tap on “Buy Information”
  5. Tap on “Payment due”
  6. Now pay your brokers via Khalti.

Regarding the launch of these two groundbreaking services, Khalti Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Binay Khadka emphasized Khalti’s role in elevating the capital market in Nepal by providing various digital services. He added that the company will ratify more collaboration to further enhance investors’ activities in Nepal’s share market. Here’s his full statement:

“With the aim of enhancing active participation in the capital market, we are providing our users Mero Share, Demat, and systematic investment plan (SIP) services, alongside payment solutions. Under this, thousands of small and middle-scale investors benefit from our services through Khalti. Furthermore, we aim to continually expand our services in collaboration with more institutions in the future, consistently progressing towards our goal.” Check out: Khalti Finally Integrates FonePay Scan to Aid Digital Payment

If you have been waiting for a straightforward and convenient method to make your collateral fund or broker payment for your share activities, now you can use Khalti.

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