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Women In Big Data Summit To Offer Nepalese Data Scientists A Platform

The upcoming Women in Big Data (WiBD) is offering Nepalese data scientists and enthusiasts to discover and present the latest technologies and solutions at the upcoming summit. The event titled Virtual Data and AI Summit takes place for two days on the 5th and 6th of Ashar 2078.

WiBD, short for Women in Big Data, is a volunteer organization that inspires women to connect and realize their careers in the data science industry by offering them tangible opportunities. In its next summit, it will allow Nepalese enthusiasts to present and discover the latest tech and innovations in the field of Data and AI which also includes live interaction with network researchers, developers, and data scientists.

What Will The WiBD Summit Cover?

The summit will be an all-inclusive event for data science. Running for two days, it will comprise intensive speaker sessions, panel discussions, as well as workshops relating to data and AI. The even will emphatically focus on providing a general overview of data structure and artificial intelligence.

The participants will familiarize themselves with data and AI fundamentals, followed by various data analytics frameworks, modern approaches of Data and AI as well as the integration of AI with big data. They will also be provided a road map for the usage of AI in managing bid data. Additionally, the session will focus on the real-world usability scope and future of data analytics and AI in general. The objective of the two days summit is to hone the capacity and skills of data practitioners and extend their knowledge on innovative approaches to give them a general overview of new trends adopted in data science for a sustainable data ecosystem.

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Who Are Eligible To Participate?

The event is regional and is accepting attendees from across South Asia meaning anyone with an interest is eligible to participate in the sessions. The summit would be highly fruitful for Data engineers and Data scientists Machine Learning Engineers and business leaders. Besides, researchers, managers, students, engineers, and data practitioners who have an acute eagerness in data, data management, data security, and technology involving the application of data and AI are all eligible for the event.

How To Participate in WiBD Virtual Data and AI Summit?

To participate in Women in Big Data sessions, the interested individuals can submit their registration which till 18th June. So do hurry up to sign up for the event and get an opportunity for first-hand interaction with data experts and their contents. These online training and workshops could prove a catalyst for your career in data analysis and AI.

The online session will be hosted live via Facebook and YouTube. To attend it, first, you will be required to fill up a form provided below. Upon successful registration, you will be allowed an entry to the virtual Data and AI Summit conducted by Women in Big Data South Asia Region for free.
Registration link: Click here.

Check detail for the event below:

Title: Virtual Data and AI Summit
Host: Women in Big Data South Asia
Event Date: 05 & 06 Ashar 2078 (19th & 20th June 2021)
Event Time: 2:00 PM onwards (UTC +5:30)

For more information on upcoming Women in Big data Summit, you can visit the following social media sites below:

Are you pursuing a career in Big Data? If you are, then this Data and AI summit of Women in Big Data may interest you. If you have further queries regarding this event, do let us know in the comments below.

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