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Win an iPhone 13 While Booking a Flight Ticket on Khalti for Rs 1

  • You can win an iPhone 13 while booking a flight ticket on Khalti.
  • The offer also lets you win Rs 500 cashback among other prizes on your flight bookings.

Prominent digital wallet Khalti has relaunched the offer to win various attractive prizes on “Rs 1 flight tickets”. The offer brings its users a chance to win an iPhone 13 and a hefty cashback.

The popular offer is effective from Shrawan 05 to Bhadra 15.

And there are more prizes/offers to be excited about in this campaign.

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Cashback increased to Rs 500

In this offer, two lucky winners every week will win flight tickets for just Rs 1.

Similarly, the Khalti has increased doubled the amount of cashback to Rs 500 on the first flight booking. Previously, the company was offering Rs 250 in cashback under the same condition.

The Khalti app users can use the promocodeFLYWITHKHALTI‘ to book their first flight ticket and stand a chance to win a 10% cashback. The maximum amount that can be earned in this cashback scheme is Rs 500.

The iPhone 13 is the bumper prize in the offer. One lucky winner can win the flagship Apple device under this offer. The prize will be announced at the end of the offer via Facebook Live.

How to book a flight ticket on Khalti

  • Go to the Khalti home page and tap on “Flight”
  • Select from One Way/Round Trip and fill in your details
  • Now, tap on Search Flight
  • Choose your Flight Ticket and tap on Continue
  • Tap on Ok to proceed
  • Add your name, and details and tap on Continue Booking
  • Tap on Pay and confirm your details and hit Ok.

Remember that all KYC Verified User, Khalti Pasal, and dealers can participate in this offer.

You can download your ticket copy on the Home page of the app. Go to your Home screen of the app, tap on Transactions, and select Download Receipt. This can be important for your future reference if need be.

Khalti is a leading mobile payment vendor in Nepal. The company has over 2 million customers in Nepal.

The revolutionary digital wallet allows you to pay utility bills, top up your mobile balance, pay for drinking water (KUKL), insurance, etc.

Download Khalti app: Android | iOS 

Will you participate to have a chance to win an iPhone 13 with Rs 1 flight ticket? Do share in the comments below.

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