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Kantipur TV Pulls Sandip Chhetri-Hosted “What The Flop” Off Air Over The Paul Shah Episode

Kantipur TV HD has canceled its popular comedy show “What The Flop” after its recent episode featuring Paul Shah was caught in a controversy. The channel released a notice announcing that it pulled the comedy show off the air as its recent episode didn’t alight with its editorial policy.

The channel has also removed the episode from its official YouTube channel. “Broadcast on Ashar 23, the conversation with the guest (actor Paul Shah) contradicts our editorial policy, the notice read, “Respecting women’s self-respect and society’s awareness, we have stopped the production and broadcast of the comedy show.”

Kantipur TV posted the notice below announcing that it pulled the popular comedy program:

cancelled what the flop kantipur tv paul shah sandip chhetri
Kantipur TV HD announced the closure of What The Flop with the notice

The channel also assured that it will soon come with the “best” program presumably as a replacement. It has also raised a question about the host Sandip Chhetri’s tenure with the Kathmandu-based TV channel.

Popular for acting in his skits as Baklaur, Chhetri has earned his fair share of criticism in the past for “disrespecting” the Madheshi community with appropriation, and for canvassing a political figure during the local election, 2079. Now again, he has found himself in hot water for laughing at a matter of serious concern.

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What had happened?

On the show aired on Saturday, Ashar 23, host Sandip Chhetri invited actor Paul Shah for a conversation. However, the topic revolved around his jail time. Shah who was acquitted in a “rape case” narrated his uncomfortable living experience inside to the laughter of Chhetri which drew wide ire on social media with many viewers accusing the duos of undermining the “case” being too casual at such a severe issue.

Since the program aired, social media users flocked to their accounts criticizing both the host Chhetri and actor Shah for their casual take on such a serious judiciary scenario. As the pressure kept mounting, Katnipur TV tried to calm the situation by closing the show forever. As mentioned above, the channel says it will come with another show soon but whether it will be of the same genre or another remains to be seen.

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