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Three Nepali companies on short list of world’s top cybersecurity providers

MSSP Alert has mentioned three Nepali companies CryptoGen Nepal, Green tick Nepal, and Vairav Technology on the list of the world’s top cyber security providers. MSSP Alert has released the top 250 cyber security providers of 2022 in which Nepali ventures also got their space.

On the list, CryptoGen Nepal attained 220th rank, while Green Tick came 233rd. Vairav Technology followed at 240th.

CryptoGen Nepal

CryptoGen Nepal is a driven cybersecurity provider made up of professional team members providing professional-grade services such as IS audit, VAPT, End-Point Threat Analysis, Forensics, etc. The company provides its state-of-the-art cyber security services to domestic as well as foreign companies.

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Green Tick Nepal

Green Tick Nepal is an ISO-certified leading cyber security company in Nepal. The company is backed up by its over a 40-member team which combines with domestic and international expertise to deliver reliable consultancy services.

Green Tick Nepal has been listed in the Standing List of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority for conducting IS Audit & Cloud Audits. It is the only company from Nepal to have found a place on the list of the Directory of cyber security service providers by ‘SWIFT’.

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Vairav Technology

Vairav Technology, the self-proclaimed Gurkhas in the industry is another prominent cyber security service provider in Nepal. It provides various cyber security services that include SOC as a service, security testing, cyber security consultation, et. All the companies are based in Kathmandu.

MSSP Alert has been releasing its annual assessment report on the activities, progress, and annual income, and their influence while analyzing the companies’ cyber security services around the world. Based on its parameters, it found the three Nepali cyber security providers qualified for their respective position.

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