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Outreach Wins 2 Bronze at ECI Awards 2022 in China

Outreach from Nepal has bagged 2 bronze at ECI Award 2022 in China. The company earned its recognition in the categories of Product & Model Innovation and Marketing Innovation.

The popular consulting agency from Nepal won awards for their work for Ncell and Unilever Nepal.

The winners of the Global ECI Awards 2022 were announced on December 30th, 2022. The winners’ list features companies from various countries besides China. They were chosen in three different categories from difference countries- Product & Model Innovation, Metaverse Application Innovation and Marketing Innovation in Gold, Silver & Bronze segments are from Hong Kong, Switzerland/ Italy, Canada, Nepal, USA, UK/Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Thailand, Taipei City, Austria, and others. 

Yell Advertising Bangkok from Thailand won the Gold in Marketing Innovation while grabbed its gold in Product & Model Innovation category.

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Outreach and other winners will be sent their trophy directly due to Covid-19!

The award ceremony didn’t take place physically due to the recent hikes in Covid-19 infections.

ECI Awards President, Mr. Lijun Jia (Dr. Owen) says, “We would have loved to host the winners in the physical event like in the past but due to the recurrence of the epidemic in China, we all are affected so we could not invite and do the physical award ceremony. The ECI Organization Team has also been affected. The Trophy for all the winners will be sent directly. We look forward to welcoming them in the future”

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About ECI Awards

The ECI Awards was founded by International Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Innovators Association (IECIA). It presents the global award in the sector of the digital economy, which measures “effectiveness of Innovation” as the evaluation criteria.

The awards recognize the most innovative works in its categories of business model, product, service, technology, marketing, and management that inspire innovations applied in commercial and creative industries globally.

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