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Spotify is officially launched in Nepal

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platform. It is a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider which was launched in 2008. This well-known music streaming platform is finally launched in Nepal.

According to the company, it will now operate on 85 new markets which include Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The company stated that now it supports 60 native languages around the globe. Spotify has also been launched in smaller countries around the globe, including Botswana, Gambia, Gabon and larger markets like Nigeria and Kenya.

With the recent market expansion, Spotify will be officially operated in 170 countries around the globe. Taking that into account, it will serve almost 1 billion users.

Prospects on Nepali Music Industry:

Spotify officially launching in the Nepali market obviously would have a greater impact as this music streaming giant would provide a great platform for Nepali music creators. They would be the ones who would be most benefited by the official launch along with the listeners.

Nepalese creators have already uploaded many albums to the Spotify library but they had to go through many inconveniences doing so. But it will not be the case anymore after the official launch.

It’s a great medium where an artist could release the song, album and get an understanding of how fans are discovering, listening and engaging with their music.

Artists can run promotional campaigns taking stats provided by Spotify into account which could lead to exposure towards global audiences. In short, the whole Nepali music industry will benefit from the launch of Spotify.


To use the premium version of Spotify, you need to pay 2.99 USD. Once you’ve got the premium version, you could cancel it anytime too.

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