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Smartphones will be manufactured and assembled in Nepal.

Nepal Telecommunication Authority(NTA) will be studying the possibility of manufacturing and assembling mobile phones in Nepal. The necessary steps are being implemented to achieve this.

According to NTA, they are planning to study whether it’s feasible to produce mobile phones and re-furbish it.

According to the spokesperson of NTA- Min Prasad Aryal, they have already organized a task force in order to study the feasibility. In the task force, there are representatives from the Finance Ministry, Information and Communication Ministry, Mobile importers association as well as NTA and independent representatives.

This task force will study common international practice, the current situation, as well as taxation practise set by Nepal Government. On the basis of the following study, the report will be prepared regarding what steps are to be taken.

Before this, NTA had recruited an advisory in 2076 B.S which studied the possibility of manufacturing mobile phones in Nepal itself. It was a part of the broader ‘Make in Nepal’ initiative of the Nepal Government.

In the report prepared by advisory, the light is flashed on the issues related to taxation and standards.

Current Situation:

Currently, mobile phones worth 250 million NPR are being imported annually. If mobile phones could be assembled or refurbished inside Nepal, it is estimated that almost 10% cost could be saved.

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