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Remittance Sent from Nepal Remit Can Be Withdrawn From RBB

From now on, your remittance sent from Nepal Remit can be withdrawn from any branch of RBB (Rastriya Banijya Bank) in Nepal. To facilitate this service, the two entities- Nepal Remit International, and the government-operated commercial bank RBB have recently signed an agreement.

Following the agreement, a family or friend or a concerned person of the remittance sender who has sent the money through Nepal Remit can receive the amount from any branch of RBB across 77 districts. Also read: NRB Sets New Limit for Domestic Remittance, Rs.25,000 Per Day

Dev Bahadur Thapa, Deputy General Manager of NepalRemit International, said that the partnership makes it easier for the concerned person to receive money sent from abroad through banking channels.

Additionally, the collaboration has allowed Nepal Remit to broaden the reach of its service to the people. Now, it lets customers benefit from its services from over 12,000 centers across the country.

Nepal Remit has been serving its remittance services for the past 17 years. The company especially stresses digital remittance and offers real-time bank deposit services to customers’ accounts from many banks and financial institutions in Nepal.

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