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Nepali Students to Get NOC Letter Online | Apply And Obtain

Nepali students pursuing their studies abroad will soon be able to get their NOC letter online. The Ministry of Education (MoE) is preparing a system that will allow students to both apply for and receive their abroad study approval from the government.

Receiving NOC letters online will end the need to stay in long queues at the government office.

Reportedly, issuing NOC to students represents the most hours of work at the branch. The online system would ease off both the office and the students.

Likewise, it would also make it feasible for students who live far in rural areas. The online system will spare them time and the cost of travel and other expenses.  

Considering the long lines of students at the ministry, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCIT) did establish an online system. However, it only allowed students to fill out an online form. Obtaining the document required a physical presence at the foreign study permission department, at Bhaktapur.  

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A complete system for students to receive NOC letter online

The number of students seeking NOC letters has reached an average of 1000 per month and the number is only increasing after the Covid-19 restrictions thawed. Considering this, a committee to be coordinated by the Joint Secretary of MoE, Dr. Kamal Prasad Pokharel is formed to build a complete online system for students to help with collecting NOC online. Currently, the committee is in discussion with officials from the National Education Board (NEB), Universities, Foreign Ministry, the Immigration office, etc.

Basudev Wasti, Chief of the Abroad Study Permit branch shared that a complete online system will be created for NOC works. He said that once the system goes live, students will be able to both apply and collect their NOC letters online. The system is expected to take some time as it needs various departments’ integration such as banks, immigration, and others.  

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A NOC letter is approval from the government that one has consent to go abroad. You can apply for your NOC at this link managed by MoE.

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