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Nepal ePassport App Launched, Find Your Details on a Phone

Nepal ePassport app has been launched by the Passport Department for mobile phone users. With the app, users can find various details of their passports on a smartphone.  

The Department has rolled out the service on both Android and iOS platforms to maximize its reach among the public.

Through the app, you can get help to apply for an e-Passport, and also check for your passport application status. You can learn whether your application has been approved or not. Besides, you can also get updates on the ‘print status’ of your approved passport.  

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Nepal ePassport app on your smartphone!

Launching an online app for the passport service is a good initiative by the Passport Department. It will help minimize the queue at the department for the service while it also brings convenience to the service recipients over the internet.

In addition, the app also rids the public of expenses of their travel costs and the time itself.

Nepal ePassport app interface

The government has been on a spree of launching online services as of late. Most memorably, it started with the popular Nagarik App, the multi-service platform. However, we expect more effectiveness in these services for everyone’s benefit and trust.

The notice by the Department of Passport:

Nepal ePassport app notice

You can download the Nepal ePassport app on these links here: Android | iOS

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