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Cast Your Vote Using the Nagarik App | Local Election 2079

You can cast your vote using the Nagarik App by showing the digital voters’ ID in the app. Learn more in detail below.

The local polls are happening this Friday and everyone must be eager to vote for their favorite candidate. But are you one of those worried after losing the voter’s ID card? Don’t worry. There is still a way around for you and that is the Nagarik app. You can use the multi-purpose super app to confirm your eligibility and participate in the upcoming local-level elections.

Our behavior with the election is changing with online services. From publicity and promotion to keeping our voter’s ID online, things have turned virtual much to our benefit. Now, even the act of voting has become a crucial aid for us. Below, are the steps that clearly state how you can use the Nagarik App and vote in the local polls.

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Tips to cast your vote using the Nagarik app

  • For this, you first need to go to the portal of the Election Commission. Then, select your district, local administrative area, and polling station. You will then be able to gather your voter’s ID on the portal.
  • Next, download the Nagarik App and use your unique voter’s ID number of yours to verify yourself in the app.
  • This will produce a digital copy of your voter’s ID on the screen. You can use it as your make-shift virtual ID and cast your vote in the local election this Friday. Download the Nagarik app here.

There are over 1.7 million registered voters in the country and you may not want to be the one missing out.

How do you like the idea of voting with the help of the Nagarik App? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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