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Bishwas Dhakal Earns a Spot in the Global Tech Changemaker’s 100

  • Bishwash Dhakal earns a spot in the Global Changemaker’s 100 list
  • Dhakal chairs F1 Soft Group, a fintech leader in Nepal
  • The company is responsible for mobile banking apps for various banks, and payment platforms like eSewa.

The F1 Soft Group’s Chairman Bishwas Dhakal has attained a position in the top 100 list of the Global Tech’s Changemaker. Rest of World (ROW), an international non-profit journalism organization honored Dhakal for his contribution to the Fintech revolution. The list honors 100 leading figures from tech & innovation, investors, founders, etc. besides the influential “unicorns” in the Silicon Valley.

Dhakal is selected in the list based on how services are produced and distributed, how the entrepreneurs are financed, and how technology protects the users from their local markets. Global Tech’s changemaker list also includes figures from founders to ministers and government activists who influence national policies and remain important for tech in the future. Also read: Cross-Border Payment with Global IME’s QR Scan

Upon the honor, F1 Soft Group Chairperson Dhakal said, “I always envision a radical transformation in my country. I wish to empower everyone through digital financial services. Previously, Dhakal has also received accolades. In 2017, the Fintech giant’s supremo received the Manager of the Year award.

In cooperation with journalists working in different parts of the world, the Rest of the World has published more than 750 publications from more than 90 countries in the last two years.

F1 Soft is the predominant tech company in Nepal that has revolutionized digital finance. It is responsible for the creation of several leading bank app services as well as linking them for digital transactions.

F1 Soft Group products and services
Services by F1 Soft Group | LinkedIn Nepal

It is also the company behind eSewa, Nepal’s largest digital wallet that occupies over 80 percent of the market.

How are you benefitting from an F1 Soft Group’s services? Let us know in the comments below.

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