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Nepal Bank to provide banking services at Pokhara Int’l Airport

The government-owned bank Nepal Bank Limited will be responsible for providing banking services at the Pokhara Regional International Airport (PRIA). The bank has signed an agreement with the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) for the service.

Samata Panta, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Bank, and Bikramraj Gautam, Director of CAAN, and Chief of PRIA signed the agreement papers at a signing ceremony on Wednesday, November 30.

As per the agreement, all the bank services including transactions will be processed through the Nepal Bank.

The bank expects to contribute to the banking services smoothly once the airport opens for commercial service.

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Nepal Bank Deputy CEO Panta said that the bank will provide its banking services in a manner that won’t give space for complaints.

Similarly, CAAN director and chief of PRIA Gautam said that Nepal Bank will provide reliable banking services at the airport and expressed his hope that the collaboration will strengthen the relationship between the bank and CAAN.

Nepal Bank Limited is the first (formally launched) bank in Nepal which began its services on November 15, 1937. The bank was inaugurated by the then king Tribhuwan Shah with the vision of the then PM Juddha Shumsher. In the crowd of banking and financial institutions in Nepal, NBL still remains one of the leading banks in the country.

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Pokhara International Airport is the third international airport in Nepal. It has recently conducted calibration flights and after the assessment of the reports, commercial flights will commence. Reportedly, the airport will see its first take-off in January with Buddha air likely boarding a Pokhara to Banaras, India as its inaugural passenger flight.

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